What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is the fastest and most effective way to flush heating systems to cure circulation and noise problems which often occur with time, or as a result of design and installation faults.

These problems are generally caused by accumulations of sludge and scale which all need to be removed to improve efficiency and cost savings in lower energy bills.

Only by power flushing can you be sure that a system is really clean and giving you maximum heat output. The alternative method of flushing that we have all been used to is using chemical moblising agents followed several days later by repeat drain down procedures which is very labour intensive. It requires at least two visits and doesnt always quarantee getting rid of all the debris.

Power Flushing - What's involved?

By temporarily connecting pumps into the system during the flushing process, high water velocity combined with an instantaneous flow reversing device dislodges and moblises sludge and scale deposits that traditional methods would nromally leave behind. Radiators may be individualy flushed without the removal or disconection from the system. After the flush, the system is full of clean water and re-instatement to normal opertaion takes only a few minutes.

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Radiator Power Flushing